About Us

Welcome to Loco for Cocoa!

We are a family owned and run brand operating from Melbourne, Victoria. 

Teena is the creator of Loco for Cocoa and she's a mum to 5 grown up kids. Working as a pastry chef and chocolatier for many years, during COVID unfortunately that came to an end. Wondering what was coming next, and how to re-enter the workforce at 48, Teena decided to head out on her own and fulfil her passion for decadent and premium quality chocolates.

A lover of fine products and a creative mind to boot, the real fun is in the creating, experimenting and finding what works to bring unique ingredient matches to the world, she loves finding what works and what doesn't and isn't afraid to try something new. 

Loco for Cocoa has family at heart, with the family being involved in every aspect of the business, to treating their customers like family too.